Thursday, March 22, 2012

Losing Weight is HARD

ahhhhhhhhhh, why can't losing weight be easy? I was so motivated and now I've lost it and need to find it again. I'm disgusted with myself! I ate a big ole greasy hamburger tonight and and fries. Three weeks ago I'd have scoffed at myself... I need to find my inner strength and get back in the boat. It's time to go back to my plan, read my reasons I want to lose weight, and get serious again. I don't want to be the one left behind while everyone else is losing weight. I don't want to be the one mad at myself because I didn't do what I am capable of.

I have a 5k run a week from Saturday. It's time to get back outside and run. At least I have something to work towards. I paid for the run, by gosh I better go RUN!

I will lose this weight. I am not going to let this detour stop me. I won't! I've lost 15 pounds. I cannot gain that back. I CANNOT.

PHEW... now hopefully, after this rant, I will get back in the boat. Sometimes, you just have to be honest with yourself. I haven't been lately, I've been slacking. I feel bad about it. It makes me mad at myself.

I am always so much happier when I workout. I did run 3 miles last Sunday, but its not enough. I need to be doing some 5 days a week. :-) I've done it before, I can do it again!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am an independent consultant with Pink Zebra

Checkout my facebook page at!/ZebraliciousSprinklesPinkZebraHome

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I would love to help you find some wonderful fragrances to make your home smell AMAZING ;-)

I fell off the wagon

This week I fell off the wagon. Eating and exercising went out the window! But I am ready to get back in the boat tomorrow. I miss the gym and I think not working out has made me moody. LOL

Also I haven't been blogging, which is BAD. How can I stay committed without doing my blogging, exercise, eating, and my fitness pal. Bahhh..... I"VE BEEN A SLACKER

But, I am going to get back on track. Sometimes detours happen.

In other news I recently decided to become an Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra. I now sale candles made for soy. I can't wait to get my kit and introduce it to the people around me. I hope I'm as successful in it as I want to be.

Anyway, I will try to write again soon. much love ***Casey***

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March!

Hello to a new MONTH ;-) In 8 more days I will have been working out and eating right for 2 months! I can't wait to weigh in, do my measurements and feel successful!! haha ;-)

Currently I have a short term goal is to be 160 by April 1st. Right now I am swinging between 167 to 168 and than once i reach that I would like to be 150 by graduation on May 11. Hope I can get there!!

Today I ran along the country roads and enjoyed the weather. It was so nice! I ran 4.8 miles and I felt so much stronger going up the hills. I think I am getting there!

I signed up for my first 5k of the year. It will be March 31st in Salina. My goal is to do one a month if there are within decent driving distance! (with the exception of the KC color run)

Also in October there is a Maniac 5k that is an obstacle course. I'm thinking it will be the next event I try to "rope" people into doing with me! woot woot!! (get excited! more details to come!!)

Also, if you haven't heard My family and a few friends are running a 5K with me in June called the color run. Our team name is "roped runners" because I roped everyone into doing it! woohoo!!!

Well I'm heading to bed for the night. Until next time! Casey