Thursday, February 16, 2012

91 minutes

I just spent 91 long minutes at the gym. I think that has to be my longest workout yet. I lifted weights for 30 minutes, I ran 3.25 miles in 31 minutes and I biked 6.10 miles in 30 minutes. Can ya feel the burn baby?! I had sweat dripping off me like a mad woman and it felt good. I'm building those muscles and I am kicking that fat in the ass! I want it off me. This Monday will mark 6 weeks of my new lifestyle change and I'm hoping to see some new results on my measurements!

This morning I weighed myself and 171.8 flashed up at me! I could have jumped for joy. I just have to lose a couple more pounds and I'll be in the 160s. To me that's going to be a big milestone! I may have to party when i hit the 150s. I haven't seen that range since Kohl was 10 months old. Shortly after I stopped breastfeeding I started packing on my weight. I had 16 lbs left to lose from that pregnancy and never go it done. Instead I gained 20, than I worked really hard last summer and lost 17lbs but than I gave up and gained it all back plus another 10. So when I stepped on the scale at work one night and 187 stared up at me I about had a heart attack.

I couldn't figure out how that had happened and why I had let myself get there. I've always enjoyed physical activity so why wasn't I doing it? If I didn't put a plan in motion soon I was going to be 200 pounds and probably headed towards an unhappy marriage. I say the marriage part because how you look is an attraction to your partner and if Dustin suddenly became fat I think it would affect my attraction for him. So why wouldn't it do the same for him?

I wallowed in self pity and shock for a few days. I kind of let myself be a bit depressed. I looked closer at myself in the mirror and I felt disgust. I almost started hating myself. Than I thought, hey, you have 2 gyms you can go to for FREE right now. Why not use them? You have a TV and DVD player with several different work out video's, why not use them? So now here I am, nearly 6 weeks later with an 11 pound weight loss. It's not nearly enough for me to be satisfied. I won't be satisfied til I actually succeed in losing what I need to but god it feels good to know I have lost 11 pounds and I have done it by eating right, exercising and the support of my family and good friends. So in two more pounds I'll probably shout from the roof tops and when i hit 20 I'll celebrate too. Heck I have a small victory dance for each pound because I am pleased with myself. I am happy because I am doing this!

Anyway, I need to hit the shower. Tonight I'm going with the husband to some kind of dinner meeting thing? I think we get steak and I have to dress nice. So i better get moving. This dinner is why I worked out an extra 30 minutes. I want to enjoy my supper without calorie counting ;-)

Until my next rant on weight loss! ~Casey

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