Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I feel successful!

This morning I stepped on the scale and for the first time it was said 168.8!!! I could have jumped up and down when I saw that. I haven't updated myfitnesspal with it yet because I want to step on the scale and make sure it still says that tomorrow. But it was the first time its been out of the 70s and I feel amazing. I am getting there. When I hit the 50s I'm going to be on cloud 9. THe lowest I have been since I had kohl is 156. When I get there you all better watch out! lol.

Anyway, I took Xygular's pill "xygn" yesterday. I didn't notice much of a difference. It doesn't settle to well on my empty stomach yet. I think it gives me a bit of a headache at first. Like I took it this morning and my head kind of hurts. I am fixing to work out here and I'll see if it doesn't any better than yesterday but I don't think it helped yesterday. I usually fill sluggish on Mondays and I still felt sluggish!

I have evening clinical's tonight so I have to work out and than I have pictures for school around 11. So my morning is slipping away from me. I better get moving. But I wanted to update you all on my thoughts. Ohhhhhhh and the Flush pill did not make me poo like crazy, and I didn't feel bloated. So maybe it works? Anyway, I'll update again soon! Love, Casey

PS: good Luck Gma Wymore with your weigh in today!! Hope the jogging suits worked there magic for ya!!

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