Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm a slacker!

Sorry, I haven't wrote lately. I got a little busy and pushed this to side but i have not stopped working out! That I have been doing great on! I have finally lost 10 pounds. I now weigh 173 ;-)

I can really see the difference in my self and it was very encouraging when my mom could see it too. :) Makes you feel good to put on a pair of pants and need a belt to hold them up. Now if I could just keep that going because I have a lot of jeans that are still to tight. I'd like to throw my fat jeans out. I don't want to keep them so I can wear them again someday! The only time I ever want to wear them again will be as maternity pants.

That kind of freaks me out, thinking of getting pregnant and gaining weight back. But when I get to that point I will do things differently than last time. i am going to stay active and eat healthy so that I don't gain 50lbs and I can stay within the recommended 25 pound weight gain! But that's a long ways off! Right now I just want to lose weight, not think about babies!! ;-)

By the way HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I love you all!


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