Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today a friend of mine invited me to pizza hut to listen to her and another gal about a product they are taking. It's called Xyngular and it is helping them to lose weight. They showed before and after pictures and you could see they were having success. They let us taste the products and they tasted fairly good. They gave us some samples of the pills to try as well.

On our pizza they sprinkled it with this stuff called "cheat" It's suppose to help you eat 25% less calories. I only at one slice and didn't feel the need for more. We took a shot of juice that has 22 antioxidants in it, and we tried the shakes. We tried the shake with water and with skim milk. I actually liked it with skim milk. She added cinamon and it reminded me of a mexican rice drink I've had before. We also were given a pill called accelerate. I took it after I ate and than worked out. It was suppose to help me burn more calories while I worked out. And to be honest I felt good while I ran.

Tonight I'm taking a pill called "flush" its suppose to help my colon. THey say its doesn't make you crap all over but helps get your colon healthy. YOu take it at night, so tomorrow I'll let you know if I'm pooping like crazy, haha.

Tomorrow I am to try a pill call xygn. It is suppose to give me energy and help curb the appetite. My friends grandma took it and than went and painted the ceiling in her basement. So I'm curious to see what it does tomorrow.

Overall I am satisfied with how I am losing weight and I don't feel that I need a product to help me. But I wouldn't mind an energy boost. I'm doing some research on it to see what I really think. I did not buy anything but if I like my results this week, I may be tempted. I think what tempts me more is selling it to other people and making money off it, lol! But who knows if I have time for that!

Anyway, I enjoyed a 4 mile run at the track tonight and I'm looking forward to working out tomorrow and seeing what xygn does for me at the gym. Love to all! ~Casey

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