Friday, January 13, 2012

5 days in a ROW

Updating early because tonight I will be busy. Kohl is having a friend stay the night! It should be a good time. I think I will rent a movie for them to watch before bed. Going to town in a little while to get supplies for a fun night ;-)

I do have a slight head cold which is more annoying than anything. I went and go my 30 minutes in at the gym. 10 minutes on the elipitical for 114 calories in 1.14miles and the bike rower thing for 20 minutes burning 246 calories and going 4.4miles.

I plan to work out tomorrow. I think I'll do an insanity workout or a Brazil BL workout. Either way it will be a good workout and than Sunday I am giving my body a rest. My body is going to need a break to do it all again next week. Sunday is my free day so if I choose I can eat something junky! haha. But right now I don't even have a desire to do that.

It is said if you do something for three weeks it will become a habit. In two more weeks my body should be craving working out and healthy food ;-) Anyway, thats it for today. Have a great weekend everyone! ~Casey

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