Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cake taste like a rainbow!

The other day on the way home Kohl told me that his daycare provider had birthday cake and that it tasted like a rainbow. Than I asked him that if he tasted like a rainbow what did it smell like and he said, it smelled like chocolate.  Sometimes he comes up with the cutest things to say!

Anyway, today was another successful day. I worked out at the gym for 40 minutes. I spent 20 minutes on the elipitcal and ran 2 miles burning of 220 calories. Than I went to the bike and spent about 5 minutes on there for .80 of a mile and only burned 30 calories. I didnt stay on it long because it seemed like a lot of work for only a few calories. So I did this other machine thats suppose to represent rowing a boat. I went 1km on there and burned 54 calories in 5 minutes. Finally the machine I wanted to use opened up. It's kinda like a bicycle but you use your arms as well. I spent ten minutes on there, rode 2.2miles and burned 136 calories. Therefore I had a successful work out.

I have been keeping track of the calories I am burning as well as the calories I am eating. It makes me feel good to look down and see how I am staying within the 1200-1500 calories. I don't know if I mentioned it but I don't count fruits or veggies towards my total calories consumed.

Tonight I did have a beer and it wasnt even a light beer. I drank a budweiser with my husband and his uncle. It's 145 calories that I didn't need but I wasn't anywhere near being over my calorie limit and I only drank one. However, next time I want a beer I should drink a light beer.

I did feel some withdraws from pepsi today or at least I think I did. I had a headache this morning and this afternoon. But now my nose is trying to plug up and I feel like a cold is trying to reach out and get me. If it does I will continue with my plan. I am not going to let another illness derail me from goals like I have in the past. In the past I have used it as an excuse to not exercise and than I stop and never get back to doing it again.

I am glad to have some friends working out with me and trying to eat healthy. We all measured the other day and it was very encouraging to know I am not alone on my quest to get healthier. I know that it takes time but I can't wait to see physical results. I look back at pictures of me and think wow, in a milluon years i never thought I'd have weight problems. It's mostly me my own fault. My lack of control when it comes to junk food as well as my lack of exercise. I can't blame my weight on anyone but myself. I let myself go and it is now time to find myself again.

Anyway, thats all for today. Until next time! ~Casey

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