Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Plan

Eat 1200 - 1500 calories a day
30 min or more of exercise 5x a week
Drink the reccommend amount of water -- 64oz
Limit Sugars
Watch sodium -- decrease it
Eliminate Junk food
Eat healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, nuts and yogurt
Portion control
Eliminate one meal with a shake
Reward self with a free day

MORNING: Replacement meal with equate shake, eat a healthy snack and drink a green tea and water

LUNCH: Low calorie lunch: Brown Rice & Beans
                                           Frozen low Calorie dinners
                                           Steamed Veggies
**Drink lots of water
**After noon snack ~ fruits, veggies, rice, cakes, 100 calorie snacks, etc

SUPPER: Regular supper, just decrease my portion size. If I am in evening clinicals I will pack leftovers from the night before for supper and stick with my regular schedule.

WORKOUTS: When at school spend 30min at the gym ~ running, walking, elipitcal, biking, or lifting weights. Also can do Insanity workouts and Brazil BL. After workout I can use the Jillian Micheals shake to help muscle restore. It can be mixed with soy milk, water, regular milk or even low fat frozen yogurt.

I will keep a food and exercise Diary
I will weigh in weekly on Mondays
I will keep a measurement of my body to determine loss of inches


longterm--- Lose 30lbs by May 11th
Shorterm-- Lose 2lbs per week, 8lbs per month

If goals are met sooner, re-evaluate and make new goals. Post goals where you can read them daily. It may help to take a before picture of yourself so you can document changes.


*Wear my Skinny jeans again
*Feel better about myself
*To be healthy
*To feel sexy again
*Lose weight before I have another child (which isn't anytime soon, lol)
*To prove to myself I can do it
*To wear a two piece swimsuit this summer when I take kohl to the pool
*To be more flexible
*To teach Kohl healthy habbits

Have someone to encourage you, check in on how you are doing & even to workout with you ;)

*Buy a calendar to mark days I exercise, keep track of wt loss & inches to make sure goals are being met.

For accomplishing my goals I will get my hair highlighted and buy a new outfit. I haven't had my hair done in ages!!


  1. Dear casey,
    I am going to help you achieve these goals as you are gonna have to help me achieve mine. I believe together we can do it!
    Love always,
    PS: I thnk that's awesome you wanna be more flexible! ;)

  2. Dearest Lindsey,
    We can do this! And I want to be more flexible because you have inspired me to do so! Love Always, Casey