Friday, January 20, 2012

New MP3 Player

Today I bought an MP3 player to music on so that I can listen to music and workout at the same time. I worked out at the gym today. Was going to do a video at home but Ive been busy downloading cds on the computer to put on the MP3 player. I think I will just do a workout tomorrow ;-) I want to do one that focuses on my butt.

Great news! One of my friends that has been working out with me lost 2.5lbs 5 days! I'm excited because it encourages us both to keep going. Another friend reported a 4-5lbs weight loss and we all think we are losing some inches. Monday is our first measure in! I measured my thigh and I know I have all ready lost 1 1/2 inches. But I didn't do the rest of my measurements.  ;-)

Anyway, have a great weekend. Casey

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